How do you help friends who need support?

Well, there's no foolproof formula for instant success. But there are solid principles that can guide you.

They won't tell you exactly what to do because each situation is different, but they'll put you on the right track.

I've organized the principles into three categories.

First, I teach you how to respond in the moment. Learn the principles you need when you are face to face with a struggling friend who needs support.

Second, I teach you how to help your friend over the long term. Most serious problems are not solved in a single conversation, and you may need to support your friends over weeks or even months. That's why I lay out the principles that you need to support friends with long term problems.

Third, I'll teach you how to protect yourself from burnout, manipulation and unhealthy boundaries when you are helping others. Lifeguards learn to protect themselves from being pulled under when rescuing a drowning swimmer, and you also need to learn how to protect yourself from harm when you are helping others.

Finally, I conclude with some encouragement.

Ready? Let's get started.

In The Moment

The Long Term

Take Care Of Yourself