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I wrote Improve Your Social Skills to help create a world where everybody could find the friends they want, without being held back by anxiety or awkwardness. With that in mind, I've created a treasure trove of free content that anyone can use to help improve their social skills.
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This is what I believe. This is why Improve Your Social Skills exists.

My Manifesto explains the heart behind the site. In it, I share my deepest hopes for my readers, and my vision for what I want Improve Your Social Skills to be. Take a few moments and let it inspire you.

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Foundations was written to help you make a thoughtful beginning to your social skills journey.

You'll learn how to think through your goals, overcome roadblocks, and make a plan for achieving lasting success.

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Body Language

In Body Language, I teach how to decipher the two key body language signals : "Comfort" and "Discomfort."

I explain how to respond when someone is comfortable or uncomfortable, and also show you how to use your own body language to send positive messages.

Learn Body Language!


Conversation is your guide to smooth, comfortable conversation.

I explain how the principle of "Inspiration and Invitation" enables you to have awesome conversation with anyone, on any topic. You don't need to be naturally charismatic or incredibly skilled -- all you need is these simple principles.

Learn The Art Of Conversation!


If you want to better understand others - and show them that you care - Empathy is the guide for you.

In Empathy, I teach you how to train yourself to see the world from the perspective of someone else, and I show how this can help in your relationships. I also explain how you can learn to understand your own emotions better, because understanding your own emotions makes it easier to understand the feelings of others.

Become More Empathetic

Support Your Friends

It's important to be there for your friends when they are struggling. In Support Your Friends, I share helpful tips that will prepare you to support others.

Become A Caring Friend!

Quick How-To Guides

Want to get in a quick social skills study session? Check out my quick how-to guides --- simple, easy tips that are easy to understand and apply right away.

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Premium Books & Courses

In addition to my free content, I offer premium books and courses for folks who want to really dive deep.

Don't let your social skills improvement stop when you finish the free content - keep your progress going!

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