If you followed the advice in the the Meeting People section, you might have already made a few connections. Maybe you've checked out a few social groups or made a few everyday connections, and discovered some friendly folks.

Unfortunately, friendly folks are not the same as folks who are your friends. It's nice to feel welcomed when you attend a group meeting, but it's much more valuable to have relationships that thrive outside of the meetings.

But how do you build those relationships? It's one thing to meet someone that you get along with. It's another thing to grow your relationship with that person to the point where you feel comfortable inviting them over to hang out. Sometimes relationships will grow quickly on their own, but if they don't, how do you encourage them to grow?

Fortunately, like every other topic in this social skills guide, making friends is a skill that you can develop. With the right guidance, you'll find it easy to make lasting, fulfilling friendships. This section was written to show you how.

Making Friends contains three lessons.

It's possible to be friends with anybody. But some people are just better friend material than others. In this section, I teach you how to identify the people who are the most likely to treat you well, and whose friendship you will most enjoy.

Once you've met someone that you want to be friends with, how do you get the relationship off the ground? In this section, I explain how to give an invitation that will open the door to a new friendship.

When you've just made a new friend, it's important to nurture that friendship. This section will show you how you can grow a new friendship into a strong, lasting relationship. It also contains advice for being a good friend to others.