By now, you might be wondering why I'm qualified to be teaching all of this. Here's my story.

My Story

For much of my life, I was the most socially awkward kid you'd ever hope to meet. I had no idea how to have a decent conversation, was clueless when it came to relationships, and was downright terrified when it came to meeting new people.

I struggled with depression, endured constant bullying, and thought that there was something deeply wrong with me that make others dislike me.

Then, everything changed.

Asperger's Epiphany

I visited a psychologist who diagnosed me with Asperger's Syndrome, a neurological condition that (along with a variety of other effects) resulted in me never acquiring the social skills that most people pick up naturally.

I never learned how to interpret tone or body language.

I never learned the "unwritten rules" of social interaction.

I never learned how to carry on a conversation or be a good friend.

I never even learned how to empathize with others (I cared about people, sure, but I could never get inside their head and understand how they were feeling).

But when I was diagnosed with Asperger's, my life turned around. You might think that this was a terrible moment for me, but instead it was an incredible revelation.

I learned that I hadn't been cursed at birth to be lonely, that there was no magic repellent field around me that turned others away. I simply didn't have social skills, and social skills can be learned.

So I decided to learn them.

Social Success

I spent the next ten years reading books on social interaction, talking to relationship experts, seeking advice everywhere I could and applying my new social skills with everyone I met. My study paid off. I grew from a lonely, bullied boy to a confident, charismatic man. Relationships, which were once a source of fear and stress for me, are now the most important part of my life, and I love meeting new people.

I am, in short, a success story.

Your Story

And I want you to be a success story too. I made this website to share what I learned during my past 10 years of intensive study into social skills. There's nothing theoretical about this guide. I develop every concept in this guide from my own experience, and nothing makes it in my guide until it has been tested and proven.

There's no fluff, no schmaltzy advice that doesn't hold up in the real world. Just solid, practical principles that will equip you to have the rich, rewarding relationships you deserve.

Improve Your Social Skills is the guide I wish I had during my social struggles. Instead of giving scattered tips and tricks, it gives clear, cohesive instructions for how to enjoy conversation, understand body language, and make lasting friendships.

It's my hope that Improve Your Social Skills will help you find the same social success I did. Good luck!