If you're ready to expand your social skills growth beyond Improve Your Social Skills, this section is for you.

I've put together a list of my favorite resources for improving your social skills, thriving with Asperger's, and generally improving your life. I also listed a few of my favorite things that don't fit in any of the above categories, just for fun.

Please note: If you purchase a product that I link to, I will receive a commission. However, I don't recommend anything on these pages that I haven't personally used and 100% stand behind.

Social Skills Books

Most social skills advice is crummy.
Some of it is awesome.
I found the awesome.
Read my favorite social skills books!

Asperger's Resources

Asperger's is a big part of my own story. Maybe it's a big part of your story, too -- or the story of someone you care about.

The nice thing about Asperger's is that the more you understand it, the better you're able to manage the challenges of Asperger's and enjoy the strengths that come from an Aspie mindset.

To help others along the journey, I've collected some helpful books and links about Asperger's. Whether you've just learning about Asperger's or you're an Asperger's expert, I hope there's something helpful for you here.
Read my favorite Asperger's books here!

Things I Love

These are some things I really like.
Maybe you will like them too!
Check them out!