Hi, I'm Dan!

I wrote Improve Your Social Skills because I have studied social skills for over ten years and wanted to share what I learned with others.  If you're curious, you can read all the details in my story, or you can listen to my TEDx talk about my life.

I went to school at a great liberal arts college where I studied Spanish and Business, and I now live in Oregon. I love getting mail, so contact me if you'd like to say hi.

When I'm not busy either fighting evil or writing social skills guides, you might find me spending time with friends, sweeping the ladies off their feet (literally), or learning from an awesome faith community.  I also sometimes give speeches or write guides on marketing for therapists

Want more info? Read my "ask me anything" interview, or learn more about me at Danielwendler.com. You can also say hello at /r/SocialSkills, a thriving Reddit community that I moderate.

If you are easily fooled, I look like this.

If you're not, here is a picture of me looking fancy in my backyard

Picture of Daniel Wendler

so fancy!