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So over the past few days I did a very successful "Ask Me Anything" interview over on Reddit. Lots of people had good, insightful questions and I did my best to offer a meaningful answer to everyone who asked. The interview is now over, but you can read all of the questions and answers (more than 70 total!) here.

Of course, even though the interview is over I'm still very happy to answer any questions that you have. So if you're curious about social skills, Asperger's syndrome, the guide, or anything else, feel free to ask your questions in the comments of the blog or by emailing me directly. I really do love to hear from my readers, and (as you can see from the interview), I do my best to give good, thoughtful answers.

Thanks to everyone who came out and asked a question, and to those of you who found this site from the interview---welcome! 🙂

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