People are wired to respond to stories.

There's a reason why so many people flock to the movies or spend hours reading novels – it's because we love to get lost in a good story. And if you ever listen to a good conversation, you'll notice that a lot of connection happens when people share stories with each other.

Unfortunately, there are good ways and bad ways to tell stories – and if you tell stories poorly, you'll lose your audience's interest. So how do you tell a good story during conversations?

Well first we need to define – what makes a story a good story? I'd argue the definition of a good story is very simple:

A good story holds the listeners' interest, builds feelings of connection between narrator and audience, and provides a satisfying conclusion

In other words, these are the three ingredients to a good story

1) Holding Interest

2) Building Connection

3) Providing a Satisfying Conclusion.

I've got lots of advice for mastering each of the three ingredients. Let's dive in!

Hold Their Interest

Start With A Hook

Have A Point To The Story

Choose The Right Time To Tell The Story

Show, Don't Tell

Use Vivid Details, Not Lots Of Facts

Practice Related Skills

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Build A Connection

Tell Personal Stories, But Cautiously

Share Firsthand Thoughts & Feelings

Provide A Satisfying Conclusion

When You Get To The End, Stop

Don't Forget To Pass The Spotlight

Application & Practice