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I wrote Improve Your Social Skills because I believe everyone deserves good friends.

I pour hundreds of hours into this site every year to make sure that it's as good as possible -- because my advice has real-world impact. I know that people depend on Improve Your Social Skills to help them escape loneliness, combat anxiety, and find the connections they're yearning for.

It's not about the money for me. It's about the emails I get where people say things like "Because of your guide, I asked a girl on a date for the first time ever" or "Because of your guide, I've decided to try therapy again" or "Because of your guide, I don't feel lost in conversation anymore."

That being said, I do make money from this site -- and the money I make allows me to spend time on the site. I'm in graduate school right now, and I need some kind of income to make ends meet (tuition isn't cheap!) Earning money from the site means that I can spend my free time working on the site instead of putting in hours at a coffee shop.


Because of this, I have the site set up on a membership model. About half of the content is totally free, while half of the content requires a paid membership. If you like the free content, becoming a member gives you the chance to both support the site and unlock more content.

Membership is $5, although if you'd like to support the site, you can pay more (by "support the site" I mean "Help me pay rent"). A lot of other social skills sites charge $30 or more for access, but I want as many people as possible reading my stuff, because I want as many people as possible to benefit.

If you can't afford even $5, you can get a free "Pay It Forward" membership in exchange for volunteering to do a good deed.

Membership Benefits

As a member, you get warm fuzzy feelings because you know you are helping me add more content to the site and have a dinner out once in awhile 🙂 You also get access to all of these lessons:

Group Conversation

  • Open And Closed Groups
  • Joining A Group Conversation
  • Group Conversation Flow


  • Understanding Yourself
  • Understanding Others
  • Nonverbal Empathy

Meeting People

  • Finding Your Group
  • Everyday Connections
  • Person To Person Connections

Making Friends

  • Finding Good Friends
  • Starting A Friendship
  • Deepening A New Friendship


  • Healthy Relationships Defined
  • How To Have A Healthy Relationship
  • Beginning A Romance
  • From Friendship To First Kiss
  • Building A Relationship Worth Having
  • Slow And Steady...
  • ...Wins Their Heart


There are a lot of people who like my guide.

Not only is Dan fun and laid-back, he is also really logical and linear in his teachings. He’s great at taking social skills and breaking them down into understandable
Daniel Wendler is an authority in the field of how to achieve social
This guide encourages me to be my best self and make fruitful and lasting friendships with others to help them be their best selves, too... This guide is unlike any other, and I can't recommend it user review

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