I made Improve Your Social Skills to help people.

So if you want to improve your social skills but you can't afford a membership, you can have one for free.


Just send me an email. Let me know that you want a membership and can't afford one, and I'll give you one for free. I'm not going to make you "prove it" --- I trust you. If the price of the guide would cause you financial hardship, send me an email.

But if you can afford it, you should buy one. There's three reasons.

First, it's the right thing to do.

The minimum "pay what you want" amount is $5. If you can afford a membership and you lie to say you can't, you are selling your integrity for $5. Your character is worth more than that.

Second, you'll get more out of the guide if you pay for it.

If you've spent money on it, it will be easier to invest time to read and practice (since you don't want to waste your money.) Without investing time, you won't improve your social skills.

Finally, it helps out everyone.

The more people who buy the guide, the more time I can afford to spend writing new content. The more content I write, the more everyone can improve their social skills.

So if you can afford it, buy a guide.

But if you can't, that's ok --- I still want you to improve your social skills.

Pay It Forward

However, there's is one string attached. I call the free membership the "pay it forward" membership for a reason.

If I give you a free membership, give to someone else.

Maybe call up that friend who is going through a rough time and encourage them.

Maybe invite that kid who sits alone to eat lunch with you.

Maybe donate $15 to a worthy charity once you have some cash again, or tell someone about my site.

It's up to you.

But please pick something specific & concrete and tell me about in in the email. If you decide "Yeah I'll do something good I guess" but you don't choose something, you'll likely forget about it.

But if you decide "I'm going to volunteer for an hour next week" and you tell me this decision in your email -- well, then you're probably going to follow through. And I want you to follow through 🙂

Become a "Pay It Forward" Member

So if you

  • Need a membership
  • Can't afford one (or lack a way to pay)
  • Are willing to "Pay It Forward"

Use the contact form below to send me an email where you let me know the specific, concrete good deed you are going to do to "Pay It Forward." I'll be happy to set you up with a free 1-year membership in return 🙂

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