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It builds on the principles of the basic guide to show you how to easily manage complex social situations like making friends or showing true empathy. It's available only to paid members, so if you've already finished the basic guide, become a member today!

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Group Conversation gives you the tools you need to comfortably participate in group conversations. I explain how to decide which group conversation to join and how to break into the conversation once you've decided to join. I also explain how to extend the principle of "Invitation and Inspiration" to group conversations, and teach you to help others to feel comfortable in group conversations too.

Stories help us connect with one another, and Storytelling in Conversation gives you the skills to share great stories. I explain the three ingredients of a good story, and give you lots of tips and techniques to make sure that your stories hold your listeners' interest and create connection.

If you want to build great relationships with others, you need to understand them. In Empathy, I teach you how to train yourself to see the world from the perspective of someone else, and I show how this can help in your relationships. I also explain how you can learn to understand your own emotions better, because understanding your own emotions makes it easier to understand the feelings of others.

All the social skills in the world won't help you make friends if you never leave the house. In Meeting People, I give you the principles you need to meet potential friends. I explain how to find quality social groups that increase your chances of making new friends I also show you how to make serendipitous connections, and how to move those serendipitous connections into friendship.

It's great to go to a social group and meet friendly people, but how do you grow friendly people into genuine friends?  Making Friends has the answer. In this section, I explain how you can identify the people who are most likely to become great friends, and I show you step-by-step how to begin and grow a new friendship.

Romance adds an entirely new set of challenges to social interaction, but with this guide you'll be well-equipped to handle them. In the dating section, I explain everything you need to know to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship. You'll learn how to take your relationship all the way from first encounter to first kiss to life-long love story.