New Video On “How To Avoid Talking Too Much”

Hi everyone! I've decided to start up a YouTube channel, where I'll share social skills videos. I'm still a beginner at the world of YouTube, but I'm hopeful I can provide some helpful videos. My first video is up now -- it's a 60 second explanation of how you can avoid talking too much. Enjoy, and let me know what you think 🙂

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2 Comments on “New Video On “How To Avoid Talking Too Much””

  1. OK, first, thank you for this 60-second tip. Loved it!!

    But the problem is Talkers just don’t seem to get it.

    Please. Tell me.
    – Why oh why am I surrounded with people who can talk 55 minutes straight, despite me giving “the signals”?
    – Why am I the one getting the wagging finger and called “rude” when I interrupt a conversation 15 minutes in–with no sign of it turning my way?
    — Why did my 2 “friends” just leave after a weekend of non-stop talking, where I got 10 minutes in–in total–and the hugest headache?
    — Why don’t you Talkers, like bad drivers, admit you got a problem? Yes! YOU! Why don’t you get it?!

    Are talkers “egged” on by polite, passive aggressive listeners, like me?


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