Fight Back

Life is really hard sometimes. There are times when all of the encouragement in the world doesn’t seem to help, times when it feels like the only emotions available are rage or grief or numbness, times when starting another day feels like getting in the ring with Mohammed Ali. Maybe that’s your story today. Maybe that’s been your story for … Read More

Take Care Of Yourself

Would you climb a mountain with a backpack full of rocks? You would probably stop and remove the rocks first — even if this means you don’t start your climb right away. Or, if you couldn’t remove the rocks, you would still understand that you don’t need to climb as fast as someone who isn’t weighed down. For some reason, … Read More

20 Seconds Of Insane Courage

Growth is scary. But growth happens one step a a time And one little baby step, while still scary, is doable.

Speaking Truth To Yourself (And Others)

So I go to a wonderful church called Soma. It’s full of people who try to love Jesus and each other, and although they are often messy at it, there is some really beautiful stuff that happens there. In a recent service, my pastor said something incredibly profound, and I want to share it with you. He said that many … Read More

Better Every Day

So my work just unveiled a new slogan: “Better Every Day.” Normally, company slogans are pretty bland. But there’s a powerful idea here. Greatness doesn’t happen overnight. Most things worth doing take persistence and hard work. But often, we look for a quick fix and fast results. When we put in some effort and don’t see immediate improvement, it’s easy to … Read More