20 Seconds Of Insane Courage

Growth is scary. But growth happens one step a a time And one little baby step, while still scary, is doable.

How To Be More Social

If you’ve come to¬†Improve Your Social Skills, it’s probably because you want to be more social. You don’t study social skills so you can sit in your room alone—you study them so you can go out and be social! But how do you actually make that happen? And what does “being social” even mean, anyway? Well, the first step is … Read More

How To Make Eye Contact

Making good eye contact is tough. Give too much eye contact, and you come across as too intense (at best) or a creepy starer (at worst). Give too little eye contact, and the other person might think you don’t care about what they have to say. Plus, when you’re worrying about making good eye contact, the rest of the interaction … Read More

Music Mondays: Imagine Dragons

So it seems to be a thing for bloggers to do Music Mondays, and share their favorite music on Monday. Now, I don’t know that I exactly qualify as a blogger (most of the content on Improve Your Social Skills is in the guide, not this blog). But I recently found a new band called Imagine Dragons that I’m feeling … Read More

Read The Dating Guide Now!

Hi everyone! I’m proud to announce the release of the Improve Your Social Skills dating guide. It covers everything you need to know to have a healthy, fulfilling relationship, and it walks you through the whole process, from first meeting to first kiss to lifelong love story. It is now the largest section of the guide, with 7 lessons (and … Read More

Speaking Truth To Yourself (And Others)

So I go to a wonderful church called Soma. It’s full of people who try to love Jesus and each other, and although they are often messy at it, there is some really beautiful stuff that happens there. In a recent service, my pastor said something incredibly profound, and I want to share it with you. He said that many … Read More


I am now the moderator of r/socialskills on Reddit! I think r/socialskills could become both a social skills resource hub and a community for folks on a journey of social skills improvement. I made a post to explain my vision and my hopes for r/socialskills, and I hope you decide to play a part. Cool things are happening there, so … Read More

World Autism Day

Today is World Autism Day. It’s been great to see blogs and newspapers lighting up with articles about autism, and I think the exposure will help build awareness and understanding both for the unique challenges and unique strengths of people on the Autistic spectrum. Take a minute today to check out the great stuff that’s been written, and perhaps get … Read More

Ask Me Anything

So over the past few days I did a very successful “Ask Me Anything” interview over on Reddit. Lots of people had good, insightful questions and I did my best to offer a meaningful answer to everyone who asked. The interview is now over, but you can read all of the questions and answers (more than 70 total!) here. Of … Read More

Dating Guide Coming Soon

Hey guys! I’m currently writing the next section to the Improve Your Social Skills guide. It’s going to be about dating, because romantic relationships are such a big deal, and it’s important to know how to do them well. I want to cover both the social skills side of dating (like how to meet potential partners, how to let someone … Read More