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If you want to improve your social skills, meet and make new friends, or just have fun and play D&D, I found an awesome opportunity for you.

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, Texas has hired a professional Game Master to run D&D games for kids, teens, and adults. They call them "Personal Enrichment Adventures" to help clarify that these games are not therapy, although they are still designed to help people improve their social abilities and learn to connect with others. While Deep Eddy is located in Austin, you can join from anywhere in the country through the magic of the internet!

These adventures work great as an online social skills training group. Participants are given the opportunity to practice conversation skills, empathy towards other group members or other characters in the game world, collaboration and creative problem solving, plus many more social skills. Group members will be challenged to build their confidence, learn and practice new skills - oh, and make some friends along the way. Best of all, the social skills development will happen in the context of a fun and immersive game experience, so instead of dull repetition or stressful classwork, social skills can be gained naturally, as part of an enjoyable experience.

Deep Eddy Psychotherapy’s Personal Enrichment Adventures provide a chance to play, learn, and grow for anyone age 10 and up. Sessions are run by internationally recognized game designer and professional Game Master, Mike Nystul. Each session uses the world’s most popular roleplay game, Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition), to provide an interactive social experience for groups of 5-7 people (also known as an adventuring party). Games are held on Zoom, so you’ll need decent internet, a device with a microphone and camera, and a desire for fun.

If you have a group to play with, great! If not, the Game Master will put together a group of peers (they have separate groups for kids, teens, and adults) for you to play with. If you don't click with your new group, that's okay - they'll put you with a new one.

Don't leave your social skills development (or the development of a friend, loved one, or client) up to chance. Try out online social skills training - the adventurous way!

To learn more visit their website:

51 Comments on “Online Social Skills Training Group”

  1. Hello,

    I have an 11 year old son who is very “Sheldonish”. Please let me know if you decide to do something for kids.



    1. Hi Kim — I don’t have anything kid-specific, but I would be happy to work with your son 1 on 1 as a social skills coach. If you’re interested, send me an email and let me know 🙂

      1. Dan, I am not sure how to contact you. I sent an email to the social skills hangout email. Could you send me your information?

  2. Hi,
    How did your experiment turn out? do you have any references? Is any of your subjects an asshole at work? Do you help people with issues like this?


  3. Hi there my name is Josh i’m 19 and i struggle with social skills but i’m unsure on how this works, could u please let me know?

  4. Hello Dan,
    I’m going to give my feedback that your Google Hangouts idea for online group social, behavioral and autism group therapy is unique and really the only offering on the internet for all ages. All of the programs online have age restrictions due to insurance company requirements and other restrictions set by the Psychologists. I don’t feel like the one-on-one coaching is a unique offering service. They are a dime-a-dozen services all over, even offline. I have an offline therapy already and I need online group therapy. I’m willing to pay $10 a week for 6 weeks to do this Google Hangout group service.

  5. Hello! Just curious if this service is still available. If so, I would like more information. Thank you, Casandra

  6. Hi. For multiple reasons, my “regular” social skills have lagged behind my peers. I have significant education, however, none of this has helped me “learn” how to socialize. My introductorary comments are often forward, possibly effensive, possibly intrusive. I realize this only long after the interaction. I would like to ?role play? to develop more acceptable social skills.

  7. Hope you are still offering the class. Please inform. I know someone who needs help in this area. Thanks.

  8. My daughter is 26 and has struggled her whole life with social interaction. She has been diagnosed with auditory processing disorder and mild OCD, but never Aspergers, although she does have some tendencies. She struggles with interactions on a personal and work level. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. I have twin granddaughters that need help. They are 20 yrs. old. One being a know-it-all, and the other is shy and sensitive. If your classes are still available, please let me know.

  10. Hello
    I have a son in the 20’s. He is very smart but does not have any friends. He is socially akward. If you have class, please let me know

  11. Hello. I am looking for social skills training for my 19 year old daughter with borderline personality disorder.

  12. Hi my name is Debra
    Yes I’m interested in building more social skills
    I don’t have any disabilities I have had extreme bullying in my younger years and experienced a truckload of loss
    These things get in my way I have found.
    Would love to attend a class

  13. My son is 28 years old and is going to graduate with a teaching degree; however, he is lacking social skills (late diagnosis-Aspergers). Is it possible to forward information regarding resources you may be offering? Thank you

  14. Hello, I have a 12-year-old daughter. She likes to talk with adults but struggles with children. I’d like to know more about social skills to help her.

  15. Hi Dan,

    I agree with Scott- there is a serious lack of online group therapy out there, and I would be willing to pay the same amount I would pay for an IRL group to attend.

    Social anxiety sufferers are essentially barred from getting help from group therapy due to the nature of the disorder, and this would allow so many people to be freed from their SA’s chains

  16. Are you still offering Social skills training interested for my daughter who is 23…………….Please let me know

  17. Looking for social skills for my 19 year old son who has NVLD, ANXIETY AND ADHD.
    Struggling with the whole adult thing/job problems, etc.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, live near Milwaukee, Wi

  18. Is the 6-week social skills group on Google Hangout still available? If so, how do you register for the group? thanks

    Ethan LaBorde

  19. Hi my name is Alipate Tupou and i would like to improve my social skills at work home and in the public

  20. Hello my name is Alejandro and I would like to improve my social skills, also would like to get more information of how to join the 6 weeks social skill group on Google Hangout if is still available? And if is so how do I register???

  21. Hello I would like to join the 6 weeks social skill group on Google Hangouts. Also how can we register?

  22. Hi, my adult son was diagnosed with Passive Attention Disorder, Delayed Auditory Processing’ and a social delay. His IQ is 163. He really struggles with communicating, meeting and relationship building. My heart aches for him because I feel he is lonely. Is this something you can do on line? We are in Ohio. I’ve not been able to find anything near home that offers the things you do.

  23. interested in any social skill/social groups online or in person (nyc). young adult woman, severe social lifelong social anxiety disorder to the point of mimiicking aspergers but full eval said no aspergers.

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