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EDIT: This group is not currently active. However, I do offer social skills coaching. If you thought this group would be helpful, social skills coaching is also likely to be helpful for you.

Mr. Rogers once said "You don't choose a job and expect not to work hard. But you can expect that you don't have to do it alone. Nobody should have to do it alone"

Social skills improvement can be a tough job, and you do need to work hard. But you don't have to do it alone.

Two of my friends who are professional counselors are starting an online social skills workshop, geared at folks who want to improve their social skills in a group environment. It's an incredible opportunity for you to turbocharge your social skills improvement, so keep reading to get the details!

Interested in a free 6-week social skills group on Google Hangout?

We are two master's level counselors who are testing Google Hangout as an accessible option for those who would like to participate in a group but face barriers to attending an in-person meeting. We will explore social frustrations and strategies in a safe environment, and homework assignments will be given between sessions.

Who is this for?

We are focusing on adults who struggle with social issues, whether they have a diagnosis that impacts their social skills or not. Think of it as "social skills for geeks." If your social issues are beyond the basics (you can handle one-on-one conversations, know the groundwork for starting relationships and can hold a job), this group will provide some live feedback and discussion around more nuanced behavioral problems. If you are unsure whether this group meets your skill level, email us for clarification - we will be running future groups aimed at various comfort levels and may find a better fit for you.

We know that most of you are skilled at finding information on social skills, and we want to help explain and explore the why behind social interactions instead of simply memorizing social protocol or body language signals. The group will start in early March and consist of six weekly 1.5 hour sessions, time to be agreed upon by the group members.

This first group will be free of charge and is limited to 7 people. If many people are interested, after the first group wraps we can begin offering ongoing groups for $10 each week (we may also offer groups on specialized topics if there is interest).

Who are we?

Michelle is a social worker with experience in social skills training for low-functioning adults and social skills support for high-functioning adults with Aspergers. Rowan is a counselor who has facilitated social skills support for college students and young adults diagnosed with autism, Asperger's, or severe ADD. We bring personal experience with us as well - both of us are in long-term relationships with programmers who have social struggles, so we love to support the partners of those in the social skills community as well.

We want your ideas for a group that works!

Even if you are not interested in attending, we welcome any ideas or suggestions from the community regarding topics or specific issues you would like to see addressed in such a group. We are planning future groups with different purposes such as ongoing discussion/support, psychoeducation, and specialized groups such as managing long-term relationships. So if you have ever attended a group that worked or failed, tell us how it did so. If you see a need for specific types of social skills groups (such as dating, behavior at work, marriage, etc) let us know. If you have always wanted to attend a group, tell us what your ideal group would offer and how it would run!



25 Comments on “Online Social Skills Training Group”

  1. Hello,

    I have an 11 year old son who is very “Sheldonish”. Please let me know if you decide to do something for kids.



    1. Hi Kim — I don’t have anything kid-specific, but I would be happy to work with your son 1 on 1 as a social skills coach. If you’re interested, send me an email and let me know 🙂

      1. Dan, I am not sure how to contact you. I sent an email to the social skills hangout email. Could you send me your information?

  2. Hi,
    How did your experiment turn out? do you have any references? Is any of your subjects an asshole at work? Do you help people with issues like this?


  3. Hi there my name is Josh i’m 19 and i struggle with social skills but i’m unsure on how this works, could u please let me know?

  4. Hello Dan,
    I’m going to give my feedback that your Google Hangouts idea for online group social, behavioral and autism group therapy is unique and really the only offering on the internet for all ages. All of the programs online have age restrictions due to insurance company requirements and other restrictions set by the Psychologists. I don’t feel like the one-on-one coaching is a unique offering service. They are a dime-a-dozen services all over, even offline. I have an offline therapy already and I need online group therapy. I’m willing to pay $10 a week for 6 weeks to do this Google Hangout group service.

  5. Hello! Just curious if this service is still available. If so, I would like more information. Thank you, Casandra

  6. Hi. For multiple reasons, my “regular” social skills have lagged behind my peers. I have significant education, however, none of this has helped me “learn” how to socialize. My introductorary comments are often forward, possibly effensive, possibly intrusive. I realize this only long after the interaction. I would like to ?role play? to develop more acceptable social skills.

  7. Hope you are still offering the class. Please inform. I know someone who needs help in this area. Thanks.

  8. My daughter is 26 and has struggled her whole life with social interaction. She has been diagnosed with auditory processing disorder and mild OCD, but never Aspergers, although she does have some tendencies. She struggles with interactions on a personal and work level. Any help would be appreciated.

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