How To Motivate Yourself To Be More Social

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There’s a simple trick from psychology for motivating yourself to be more social. It’s usually used in the world of sales. Instead of asking “Do you want to buy a car?” a salesmen will ask “Would you rather buy the red car of the blue car?” No matter which you choose, you still end up buying a car. It’s also … Read More

August 2015 Update

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Hi everyone! I just finished my first year of graduate school (whew!) so I thought I’d take this opportunity to update everyone on what’s been going on with the site. I realize that there have been no new blog posts for several months, but there has been a lot of other great things happening at Improve Your Social Skills. So … Read More

New Video On “How To Avoid Talking Too Much”

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Hi everyone! I’ve decided to start up a YouTube channel, where I’ll share social skills videos. I’m still a beginner at the world of YouTube, but I’m hopeful I can provide some helpful videos. My first video is up now — it’s a 60 second explanation of how you can avoid talking too much. Enjoy, and let me know what … Read More

Bids for Connection


Dr. John Gottman has been studying couples for four decades. He has dedicated his life to figuring out what separates healthy relationships from unhealthy ones, and he’s written more than 40 books on the subject. This guy knows relationships. Most of his research is primarily focused on romantic relationships, but one of his findings can help you in friendships, too. It relates to something … Read More

Finding Your Uniquely Attractive Vibe

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Hello readers! Today’s post is from Sarah Jones, the author of Sarah is a dating coach who focuses on helping people find a partner naturally, with no sneaky tricks or manipulation. She’s got some good thoughts about uncovering and expressing your positive qualities, so read on!

How to Be More Outgoing (Guest post by David Morin)

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Hi all! A few weeks ago, David was gracious enough to publish an interview with me. Now, I’m returning the favor. He’s got some good tips, so enjoy! David Morin, author of 8 years ago, David Morin realized that he had to make a change in his social life. He often spent evenings and weekends alone and wanted to … Read More

Give It 100

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Social skills are like any other skill — if you practice, you get better. But in order to practice, you have to start, and you have to keep going. And both of those things are very hard. It’s really easy to wait to start until you’re totally “ready” (which will be never), or burn yourself out by pursuing a new … Read More

Fight Back

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Life is really hard sometimes. There are times when all of the encouragement in the world doesn’t seem to help, times when it feels like the only emotions available are rage or grief or numbness, times when starting another day feels like getting in the ring with Mohammed Ali. Maybe that’s your story today. Maybe that’s been your story for … Read More

How To Teach Kids Social Skills – Guest Post

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Hey guys! This week I have a guest post from Rusty May. Rusty is a veteran school counselor who runs SchoolToolsTV, a site with videos that teachers can use to teach social skills and positive values to their students. He’s an expert on helping kids succeed, and I’m excited to share his thoughts on teaching kids social skills. Although his … Read More

The Case For Small Talk

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Lots of people tell me, “I hate small talk.” And in truth, small talk can be tiresome sometimes. When you’re discussing a topic you don’t care about, it’s natural to get bored. Small talk can be doubly frustrating when you’ve craving deep interactions. After you’ve experienced true heart-to-heart conversation, how can you go back to discussing the weather? It’s understandable … Read More